Poem #35 – Moments of Darkness

I stopped hearing the birds sing,
My soul breathe,
Or your heart beat.

I stopped seeing the waves hit the shore,
The greener side of the grass,
Or the sexy curve of your ass.

I stopped feeling the air through my fingers,
The warmth of the sun on my face,
Or the softness of your skin.

I stopped resisting and gave up on existing…

Poem #34 – Move On!

There’s no amount of time that could pass, that will make me want to talk to you.

You used me, broke me, and stomped on my shattered pieces. 

I gathered the pieces and learned from my mistakes. 

I found a man that worships at my temple. 

I’m healing but some pieces I’ll never restore. 

I’ve moved on, I demand you do the same!